canoes Credit: Steve Hillebrand, US Fish and Wildlife Service
beartooth lake Beartooth Lake in Shoshone National Forest, WY, Credit: U.S. Forest Service

Our country is full of dazzling landscapes where you can play and learn. All citizens share in the rights and responsibilities of seeing that our public lands are cared for and managed in a way that meets the current and future needs of the American people.

Public lands belong to all of us -- including you!

Beginning September 2, 2019. Journey with us from the backyard to the back country with a pre-taped video about the importance of our public lands and to prepare for the live program.

September 25, 2019. Ask questions and participate in an interactive webcast with scientists and others live from Shoshone National Forest, the first national forest in the US -- located near Cody, WY and Yellowstone National Park.

Learn About:
  • ecosystems - large and small
  • what public lands are and their importance
  • the history of public lands
  • natural resource careers
  • connections to indigenous peoples
  • balancing wildlife and human needs

For grades 4-8 and all interested in the great outdoors.
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Nothing beats sitting around a campfire on a crisp fall night, but only if you know how to build one safely! Remember, #OnlyYou can prevent wildfires.
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“When you go there, you pinch yourself. It’s one of those places I can’t believe we managed to save.”
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The burrowing owl rap~ Athene cunicularia Found throughout North America. Small sized owls with lemon-yellow eyes, Hunt during the day and sometimes at night. Abandoned burrows is what they prefer. A charismatic species? Oh, forsure. *mic drop* ...
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